Cookies policy

This website, henceforth "Website" uses cookies to improve the User’s experience on the Website, as cookies track the User’s interaction with the various services offered by the owner of the website.

1.- What are cookies? Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in a User’s web browser when browsing certain webpages (computer/smartphone/tablet) that allow a website to determine the User’s browsing preferences and make the browsing experience more efficient, so that the User and Website can interact in a better and faster way.

The information stored in cookies are not linked to any personally identifiable information the user might submit (such as the User’s name, address or bank details). It is completely anonymous and does not contain any sensitive information.

2.- What types of cookies are used? The Website uses cookies, pixels and other storage and information retrieval devices to track the User’s interaction in the Website. uses the following cookies:

First-party cookies cookies: These types of cookies make the Website work correctly and are; therefore, essential so that the User can access all of the Website’s options and can browse the Website normally. For example, they allow Users to save their preferences.

Third-party website cookies

Tracking cookies: These cookies collect anonymous information on how a User browses the Website, where they have been, when they have returned, where they came from, to determine why the User has visited the Website and other statistical information, as well as to improve how the service works.

Google Analytics What pages Users have visited, browsing time, where the User came from, location.. Purpose: Statistical information on how the User found the web page, what they look at and if the website is working correctly.

Publicity cookies: These cookies allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the publicity spaces that are included in the Website, app or platform from which it provides the requested service based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency of the ads. They show Users publicity which the User will most likely be interested in.

Doubleclick (Google, Inc.):  Provides information on the ads that have been shown to the User, which ads interest what Users and if the User visits the advertiser’s webpage. Purpose: To improve and manage the ads which are shown to Users and try and avoid the same ads been shown too many times

Facebook: Information on Facebook Users and how they browse Facebook pages. Purpose: Facebook allows Users to share pages with their Friends and see if their friends also like it and to customize the ads in Facebook

3.- Cookie management: Most web browsers or other storage devices allow you to manage your cookie preferences, to have more control over your privacy.